Resonator Banjo

Ashborn Style Rim

"Shoeless"design Featrung Rigid Parallel Bracing and Scalloped Flange

Gottoh 16:1 Tuners

Sealed Gear Guitar-Style Tuning Machines for Precision

Solid Wood Resonator

Can be Removed and/or Installed in minutes with ONE screw!

Low Profile 5th String

5 Star Sealed Gear 5th String Tuning Machine

Metal Tone Ring

For Greater Projection and Brightness

Custom Head Options

A Variety of Natural Goatskin and Synthetic Head options

Base Price:


*Many Custom Options Available. Please Contact Me for a free a Custom Build Price Quote.

*All Banjos are Individually Handkrafted. Wood, Hardware, etc. May Vary.

Resonator Banjo Gallery

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