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Authentic mountain music should reflect its surroundings.   I see it as my duty to harvest, mill, utilize local tonewoods.   I try to coax out the unique voice the timber of the Central Rocky Mountain Highlands and impart that character into uniquely handcrafted string instruments.       -     Kurt Snyder


Kutthroat Stringworks was born thru a melding of passions: A passion for the Colorado backcountry, a passion for old world craftsmanship, and a passion for string music.

The process starts near the continental divide.  Colorado Beetlekill Engelmann Spruce, Rocky Mountain Juniper, among other native tonewoods are harvested and milled into usable lumber.


Each Instrument is meticulously crafted, assembled, tuned, and setup by  kraftsman/designer Kurt Snyder in the quaint mountain town of Salida, Colorado. Kurt takes great pride in creating one-off custom instruments with a character that embodies beauty and grace of Rockies.


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